La-On Lawyers wishes to congratulate Mr. Jean-François Henrotte for winning the CCBE Innovation Award 2016 in Paris.

It was an honour for us to compete with him and other highly respectable law companies ameliorating the art of law practice.

We have been delighted that the Belgian delegation nominated La-On. A nomination to be proud of. From the start, La-On strived to innovate and improve law services. Through innovation we lower the costs and make law assistance more accessible to everyone. The nomination has been a recognition for all the hard work in the past years and stimulates us to continue working this way.

We started our application for the award with a quote from Steve Jobs: “It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy”. Jobs wasn’t a vile, robbing pirate with no moral; he just didn’t want to follow the usual paths. He always said: “think different”.

La-On Lawyers is also a pirate that thinks differently. We had fun competing in this award, just like we enjoy to do our job every day. Thanks for all support!