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Finally: lawyer back to first judge in the case.

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Finally: lawyer back to first judge in the case.

‘The convention?  

Everything starts with the lawyer: he is the first to judge if a case can be taken into consideration for fast payment and will call on a judicial officer if needed.’   

De Standaard, May, 8th, 2015  

This year, the Minister of Justice introduced the so-called Potpourri law. With this law, the legal system enters a new age. Informatization and the role of the lawyer are the focus points.  

A good communication is the condition for a fast legal decision. At last, the importance of modern technology is recognized. For some time now, La-On has been investing in its own software. Thanks to these systems, a precise follow up per case is ensured. Furthermore, La-On has been using DLex, the brand new legal software to exchange data, since November.

The Potpourri law gives lawyers a crucial task in B2B cases: it is the lawyer who will determine if a payment can be settled amicably. Finally, the lawyer back to first judge in the case. The amicable settlement becomes more important than ever.

We have many years of experience in amicable settlements, for either B2B or B2C. We convince your customers to pay in a personalized way, because we want your clients to remain clients.

La-On has 10 years of advance on the possibilities offered by the Potpourri law.